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Collaboration with Rachel Cattle 
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Same Old Scene 

The publication Same Old Scene accompanies their film of the same name. It takes as its starting point a collection of pivotal moments and distilled elements recollected from Hollywood romantic films, westerns and popular music.  Printed Matter New York

Out of the Dark and Into the Night

Out of the Dark and Into the Night is the third in a series of collaborative publications and films by English artists Rachel Cattle and Steve Richards. Growing out of conversations about film and music and with a nod to the ideas of Hitchcock, Scorcese, Buster Keaton, Kenneth Anger and Duchamp, this book takes the form of a handmade comic book that uses drawings to philosophically examine ideas about escape and illusion. Referencing scenes from Close Encounters of the Third Kind and Taxi Driver, homemade sculptural devices and objects are used to explore means of escape from the everyday into other worlds/imaginings/dimensions.   Printed Matter New York

Don't Stray From The Path

Drawn in an energetic hand with satisfyingly thick strokes of black crayon, this comic book features a moonlit conversation between two characters on the subconscious percolation of popular culture and previous creations. Pontification on these "leftovers" and the quest for originality are punctuated by scenes from American Werewolf in London, Invasion of the Body Snatchers, and Badlands. Recognition of these past occurrences and their relationship to deep-seated desires requires self-reflection or else a risk arises of becoming pod-people vessels with recycled intentions.  Printed Matter New York.