SPACE Anti-Library

SPACE, London Curated by Paul Pieroni, 2013

The possibility of an anti-library, as well as ideas of anti-knowledge and un-learning, informs a new project in SPACE’s LIBRARY gallery. The Anti-Library houses unread books gathered from over 150 invited contributors each asked to present a single book from their own anti-library, as well a short text outlining their selection.

Book:  Magick, Aleister Crowley.

Text: The LAW cannot compel. The LAW can ONLY Protect.

However, as the LAW cannot compel, you have a choice whether to accept that LAWful sentence or not.

If you CHOOSE to not accept what has been lawfully adjudged, you put YOURSELF in the position of ‘OUTLAW’. As an Outlaw you have CHOSEN not to have the Protection of the LAW. This is irreversible…

We may consent or not to the Statutes of Parliament in complete consistency with the Common LAW, the Golden Rule, and Natural Law, since they all recognize our power of consent, subject to the LAW of this land. As for withdrawing from the Common Law, the Golden Rule and Natural Law, a man or woman is free to become a slave any time they wish.