Andor Gallery: FOAM

Artists’ record project curated by Mat Jenner, 2014 
One off 12" black dub plate record. Distinct artist labels on A and B sides. Presented within black inner and outer sleeves. Displayed and accessed within the record archive.   
Selected artists have been asked to respond to these parameters in the form of a one-off record for insertion into the collective body of the archive. 
Side A performed by Rachel Cattle. Side B performed by Steve Richards. 
Side B: Man cannot Do, (04:40)
Excerpts collaged from various writings on ‘crooked tunes’ and considering the individual's inability to access reality outside of the existing simulacrum. The Do refers both to the ability to act and the first musical note of the octave. The excerpts further consider the notion of false consciousness, as the inability to act authentically does not prevent the individual from believing in doing even when merely existing as a note being the property of an already existing and repeating octave. As Man Cannot Do within the repetition of the simulacrum, a not-doing or undoing may occur.