International group show with 18 Danish and British artists exhibiting new artworks. Curated by Stine Ljungdalh and Wendy Plovmand, New Shelter Plan, Copenhagen, 2014

GamingGaming serves as an opportunity for artists to investigate and exchange within the creative process in relation to the idea of “Game of Chance”

Set of publications based around research that the debated identity of the author and alchemist known as Fulcanelli (1920s) was connected to the construction and development of early aircraft.

Early publications from the Library of Aeronautics contain additional material about the symbolism of Fulcanelli, here treated as a position shared, by members of the so called Brotherhood of Heliopolis and as a initiatory stage existing within a broader concept of Hermeticism. Publications examine historical authorship and structures of communal narratives and highlight the notion of an embedded allegorical code that invites the reader to participate in the creation of the text – ‘the adoration of the demiurge'. This ritual is detailed as an event or flight within which the Demiurge is witnessed, as a marginalised creative mode.